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 The next issues of 2017 are coming soon ...
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The next issues of 2017 are coming soon with the following articles: PDF Print E-mail
 The next issues of 2017 are coming soon ...

On the 20th anniversary of ERSJ we celebrate offering the opportunity to many colleagues to publish with us. We have started uploading articles for the 3th issue (Part A and Part B) of 2017.

Volume XX, Issue 3A 2017


Exchange Rate Volatility and Export Volume: The Case of Indonesia and its Main Trading Partners1
S. Safuan 3-13
The Concept of Convergent Development of Rural Areas of the Russian Federation
M. Afanasova14-38
The Role of Criminal Law Politics against Ambush Marketing Behavior in the Implementation of ASEAN Community25
Y. Yahelson39-56
Access to Finance for Latvian SMEs
R. Rupeika-Apoga, I. Solovjova57-68
The Function of Financial Services Authority (FSA) in Dispute Settlement Banking Customers in Indonesia24
Zulfi Diane Zaini69-81
A Model of Strategy Implementation in Islamic Finance?
D. Permana82-95
Situation and Development Opportunities of Creative Industries Companies in Latvia
Latvia author 96-114
The Measuring of the Spiritual Tourism in Regions of South Kazakhstan
A.Kuralbayev, N. Abishov, A. Abishova, G. Urazbayeva115-133
Improving Tourism Quality by Islamic Finance?
S.Bintarti, M. H. Fahamsyah134-142
Evaluation of Perception of Accountant's Role at the Enterprise in Latvia and Lithuania
Latviaa author143-163
The Effect of Tariff Elimination on Welfare: The Case of ASEAN and China
S. Safuan164-175
Assessing Incentive and Monitoring Schemes in the Corporate Governance of Maltese Co-operatives
P.J.Baldacchino, C. Camilleri, S. Grima, F.H. Bezzina176-194
Management Compensation and Auditor Reputation on Earnings Management and on Share Returns
F. Farichah195-207
Consequences of Going Concern Opinion for Firms and Capital Market with Accounting Firm Size as Moderation Variable
D. Hapsoro208-229
Favourable Tax Regimes that Constitute Selective State Aid from the Perspective of the Cjeu Recent Case-Law
I.Būmane, D.Vodolagins230-244

More articles follow

Volume XX, Issue 3B 2017


Block Chain and Financial Controlling in the System of Technological Provision of Large Corporations’ Economic Security
A.U. Albekov, N.G. Vovchenko, O.V. Andreeva, R.A. Sichev3-12
Accounting Engineering Tools in the Research of Economic Costs and Benefits
A.I. Belousov, G.V. Mikhailova, F.M. Uzdenova , V.G. Blokhina13-21
Use of Regression Models when Performing Fraud Risk Assessment Procedures in the Audit Process
A.V. Bakhteev, S.V. Arzhenovskiy, N.N. Khakhonova, E.V. Kuznetsova22-33
Specific Features of Secularization in the Modern Western Culture
O.A. Bogdanova, I.V. Lipchanskaya1, T.V. Plotnikova1, L.L. Shtofer34-44
Tendencies of Standardisation of Management Accounting in Russian and International Practices
N.T. Labyntsev, E.A. Sharovatova, I.A. Omelchenko, T.V. Makarenko45-60
Some Qualification Issues about Illegal Influence on the Result of Official Competition or Visual Commercial Tender
A.S. Ganus, I.A. Podroykina, S.I. Ulezko, E.V. Seregina61-66
The Mechanism to Eliminate the Accumulated Damage to the System of Socio-Economic Development of the Region
I.A. Zhukova, R.V. Shekhovtsov, M.A. Ponomareva, S.G. Tyaglov67-55
Adaptation of Balance Theories to the Assessment of Sustainable Economic Development of Business Units
A.I.Belousov, E.A.Shelukhina, N.A. Rumachik, A.N. Shchemelev76-83
Process Approach to Modeling of National and Global Securities Market Operation
M.A. Surzhikov, A.A. Sycheva84-91
Estimation of Threats of the Rostov Region Economy Caused by the Collapse in the Azov-Don Water Basin
V.B. Ukraintsev, O.B. Chernenko, K.N. Mishchenko, T.V. Epifanova92-102
Realization of Potential of Enterprise Structure Development as the Criterion of Ensuring the Object-differentiated Approach to Rendering the State Support: The Russian Federation
Е.К. Karpunina, I.N. Yakunina, E.M.Konovalova, E.A.Titova103-115
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Management Information Systems for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises: A User Satisfaction Approach
G.N. Khubaev, I.Yu. Shpolianskaya, A.I. Dolzhenko, S.M. Scherbakov, E.N. Efimov116-129
Theoretical and Methodological Fundamentals of Associated Forms of Agricultural Business
S.V. Klimchuk, Yu.S. Nekhaychuk, D.V. Nekhaychuk, E.V. Nekhaychuk 130-137
Improving the Bank Reliability Evaluation Framework
E.A. Posnaya, I.G. Vorobyova, S.V. Tarasenko138-147
State Investment Policy and Priorities of Macroeconomic Structure of Regional Economy Transformation
R.V. Shekhovtsov, S.N. Shchemlev 148-162
Analytical Monitoring of Entity's Cash Flows as a Guarantee of Financial Security of the Region
K.S. Surnina, A.A. Andrutskaya, E.I. Drobyshevskaya, A.A. Yanovskaya163-171
Formation Tools of Low-Carbon Trajectory of Innovative Development of Russia
E.A. Yakovleva, A.Y. Nebesnaya, N.A. Azarova, E.V. Titova172-182
Aspect-Oriented, Key-Index Based Regional Business Entities' Evaluation Framework
T.L. Bezrukova, Yu.N. Stepanova, I.I. Shanin, Yu.V. Busarina, S.Yu. Nesterov183-192
Competitive Advantages of Financial Transactions on the Basis of the Blockchain Technology in Digital Economy
N.G. Vovchenko, A.V. Andreeva, A.S. Orobinskiy, Y.M. Filippov193-212
A Tool of Qualification Coadaptation
M.M. Skorev, L.Y. Andreeva, V.I. Kirishieva, A.V. Gigunova213-229
Economic Sovereignty of the Russian Federation under the Current Conditions
E.Yu. Dogadaylo, O.I. Chepunov, S.I. Nosov, O.V. Shmaliy230-238
Corporate Culture as a Tool of Adaptation of TNC to the Russian Economic Conditions
I.M. Podmolodina, V.P. Voronin239-249
Business Analysis as an Important Component of Ensuring Enterprise's Economic Security
Y.G. Chernysheva, G.I. Shepelenko, I.V. Gashenko, I.V. Orobinskaya, Y.S. Zima250-259
Business Analysis as an Important Component of Ensuring Enterprise's Economic Security
Y.G. Chernysheva, G.I. Shepelenko, I.V. Gashenko, I.V. Orobinskaya, Y.S. Zima250-259
Methodology of Structural Stability Management for Industrial Enterprises
A.N. Kuz'minov, V.M.Dzhukha, O.A. Ternovsky260-268
Development of the International Monetary System Conditions of Globalization
I.N. Efremenko, L. Haabazoka, V.A. Larionov269-279
Tools of Financial Management of Reputational Risks
T.O. Grafova, M.M. Skorev, L.Y. Andreeva, I.R. Kirischeeva280-299
Balanced Budget System: Organizational and Financial Tools
Е.О. Mirgorodskaya, L.Yu. Andreeva, I.V. Sugarova, R.А. Sichev.300-319
Role of Staff Marketing in Increasing Business Performance
V.A. Bondarenko, N.V. Demyanchenko, O.V. Ivanchenko, O.N. Mirgorodskaya320-325
Development of Digital (Engineering) Entity's Capital Management Frameworks
V.I. Tkach, S.N. Shchemelev326-332
Strategic Reporting Methodology and its Reliability Audit
I.V. Alekseeva, E.M. Evstafyeva, Yu.A. Kruchanova, G.E. Krokhicheva.333-341
Strategic Reporting Methodology and its Reliability Audit
I.V. Alekseeva, E.M. Evstafyeva, Yu.A. Kruchanova, G.E. Krokhicheva.333-341
Axiological World Picture of the Virtual language personality in Blog-Discourse Space
T.V. Evsyukova, S.R. Agababyan, E.V. Kotelnikova, T.M. Germasheva342-354
Assessing Level of Interaction between Subjects of Innovative Systems within Russian Regions
N.G. Kuznetsov, N.D. Rodionova, M.A. Ponomareva, S.G. Tyaglov355-368
The Formation of Authorized Capital in Economic Organizations
T.A. Skvortsova , Y.A. Kolesnikov , T.A. Mosienko, N.G. Romanenko369-378
Comparative Analysis of Mediation Procedures and the Judicial Settlement of Conflicts
V.I. Vlasov, G.B. Vlasova, S.V. Denisenko, V.V. Kolesnick.379-387
The Tools of Monitoring and Analyzing the Region Forest Sector Management Framework
I.S. Zinovyeva, I.V. Sibiryatkina, V.G. Shirobokov, A.A. Shtondin, E.V. Chugunova388-394

More articles follow

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