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 1.Competitiveness Enhancement of International Financial Centres

 (Irina Solovjova , Ramona Rupeika-Apoga , Inna Romānova)

 2.Diagnostics of Projects

(Maxim A. Maron) 

3.Employees’ Performance in Islamic Banking

(Bambang Bernanthos)

4.Export Patterns of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

(Pavla Breckova)

5.Role of Culture and Law Enforcement in Determining the Level of IFRS Adoption

(Supriadi Laupe) 

6.The Economic Impact of Relationship Bonding Tactics: A Research Agenda

(Rizal Edy Halim)

7.Diversity Management Globalization in Central and Eastern Europe: The Case of Pharmaceutical Industry

(Emil Velinov)

8.Influence Factors toward Financial Satisfaction with Financial Behavior as Intervening Variable on Jakarta Area Workforce

(Agus Zainul Arifin)

9.Negotiation in SMEs’ Environment Analysis with Game Theory Tools

(Radim Valenčík, Jan Červenka)

10.The Factors Affecting Board Stock Price of Lq45 Stock Exchange 2012-2016: Case of Indonesia

(Rudi Bratamanggala) 

11.Risk Audit of Marketing Communication

(Václav Kupec)

12.Developing the Reputation of Distribution Network to Increase the Buying Interest of Electronic Payment: An Empirical Study

(Endi Isnarno, Harry Soesanto, Andriyansah)

13.VAT Rates and their Impact on Business and Tax Revenue

(Petr Mach)

14.Financialized Commodities and Stock Indices Volatilities

(Rangga Handika and Sania Ashraf)

15.Management Performance in Islamic Senior High School Education: An Empirical Study

(Siti Patimah)

16.Debt Maturity and Shari’ah Compliance: Evidence from Malaysian Panel Data

(Hafezali Iqbal Hussain, Mohd Farid Shamsudin, Shahrullizuannizam Salehuddin, Noor H. Jabarullah)

17.Misinvoicing Analysis in ASEAN-China Free Trade Aggrement (ACFTA)

(Mahjus Ekananda)

18.Stabilization Factors of Family Enterprises in the Context of Macroeconomic Performance

(David Mareš, Naděžda Petrů)

19.The Goals of Industrial Policy of the Russian Federation: State Intervention into the Economy as a Factor of Industrialization

(Pavel V. Butakov)

20.Green CSR and Brand Attitude: The Role of Stereotype Content Model

(Tengku Ezni Balqiah)

21.Investigating the Catching-Up Hypothesis Using Panel Unit Root Tests: Evidence from the PIIGS

(Xanthippi Chapsa, Nikolaos Tabakis, Athanasios L. Athanasenas)

22.The Effect of Service Quality and Marketing Mix Strategy towards Local Sustainable Economic Growth


23.Conditionally University Student Readiness of the Person to Self-Development by Means of Physical Education

(Valery D. Panachev, Leonid A. Zelenin, Anatoly A. Opletin, Aleksandr N. Legotkin, Rafily F. Kusykova, Svetlana V. Annenkova, Nikolai L. Ponomarev, Sergey L. Panchenko)

24.The Components of Managerial Alacrity of Government Executives

(Yury V. Sinyagin)

25.Agricultural Production and its Implications on Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction

(Darwati Susilastuti)

26.Banking Responsibility to Customers

(Faisal Santiago)

27.Do Efficiency of Taxes, Profitability and Size of Companies affect Debt? A Study of Companies Listed in the Indonesian Stock Exchange

(Waluyo, Waluyo)

28.The Innovative Technologies of Education in the Higher Economic Education of Ukraine

(Rostyslav V. Kostenko, Oleg V. Zakharchenko, Iryna A. Topalova, Natalia V. Zakharchenko and Olesya Balakhonova)

29.Motivation of Personnel in an Innovative Business Climate

(Elvir Akhmetshin, Ivan Morozov, Albert Pavlyuk, Alexei Yumashev, Nataliya Yumasheva, Sergey Gubarkov)

30.The Optimum Level of Tax Compliance Based on Power of Authority and Trust in an Antagonistic Climate

(Wiwiek Prihandini) 

31.Specificity of Theoretical Approaches to the Definition of Professional Subjectivity

(Anna Sejtkanova, Nadezhda Maslennikova, Alexander Gryaznukhin, Mikhail Leontev, Rasul Mamadaliev) 

32.Effectiveness of the Housing Policy: A Comparative Analysis

(Valerii O. Omelchuk) 

33.Improving Tourism Quality by Islamic Finance

(Surya Bintarti, Mohammad Hatta Fahamsyah)

34.Social Media Marketing Toward Perceptual Consciousness and its Impact on Online Purchasing Intention

(Sri Vandayuli Riorini) 

35.The Basic Concept of the Resource-Potential Approach in Social Security in Russia and International Experience

(Zinaida Petrovna Zamaraeva, Konstantin Anatolievich Antipyev, Stanislav Ivanovich Reutov , Galina Aleksandrovna Telegina, Valeria Andreevna Ledentsova, Ksenia Andreevna Voronova) 

36.Methods and Tools of Scenario Planning in Areas of Natural Resources Management

(Alexey Evgenievich Cherepovitsyn, Alina Alexandrovna Ilinova) 

37.Innovational Management of Industrial Enterprises in the Energy Sector

(Katrina Benikovna Dobrova, Nadezhda Grigorevna Danilochkina, Natalia Vladimirovna Cherner, Victor Petrovich Dobrov, Peter Petrovich Dobrov, Ekaterina Nikolaevna Sepiashvili) 

38.International Practices to Improve Economic Security

(Mihail Nikolaevich Dudin, Irina Jur'evna Fedorova, Lyubov Alexandrovna Ploticina, Timur Maratovich Tokmurzin, Mariya Vladimirovna Belyaeva,Andrey Borisovich Ilyin) 

39.Economic Profit as Indicator of Food Retailing Enterprises’ Performance

(Mihail Nikolaevich Dudin, Nikolay Vasilievich Lyasnikov, Konstantin Yurievich Reshetov, Olga Olegovna Smirnova, Nataliya Vladimirovna Vysotskaya) 

40.Monetary Policy and Clustering for Achieving Competitiveness in National Bussiness

(N.V. Gryzunova, J.S. Tsertseil, V.V. Kookueva, Dg.S. Zaharova) 

41.Does Value Creation Drive Growth Illusion? An Evidence from Indonesia Stock Exchange

(Agus Satrya Wibowo, Imam Ghozali) 

42.Trust Dimensions Model in Creating Loyalty Stage for Service Consumers of Sharia Rural Banking

(Sri Murni Setyawati, Mahardhika Cipta Raharja) 

43.Corporate Culture in Management Systems

(Khanif Sharifzуanovich Mullakhmetov, Ruslan Duferovich Sadriev, Elvir Munirovich Akhmetshin) 

44.The Far-East Vector for Russian-Japanese Investment Cooperation

(Zhanna Valer'yanovna Petrunina, Dar'ya Valer'evna Kiba, Galina Alekseevna Shusharina) 

45.The Role of Chains in the Russian Retail Sector

(Aleksandr Victorovich Sigarev, Mikhail Evgenievich Kosov, Olga Borisovna Buzdalina, Roman Alexeevich Alandarov, Inna Nikolaevna Rykova) 

46.A Quantitative Analysis of the Image of Russia in the Asia-Pacific Region Media

(N.S. Vinogradova, S.A. Denisova) 

47.Competence and Discipline on Work Motivation and the Implication on Working Performance

(S. Suyanto) 

48.A Regional System to Forecast the Social-Economic Development: The Case of the RF Regions

(Svetlana Vasilievna Khusainova, Sergey Yurevich Bakhvalov) 

49.Promotion Analysis of Marine Tourism in Indonesia: A Case Study 

(Rizki Briandana, Caturida Meiwanto Doktoralina, Danto Sukmajati) 

50.Peculiarities of Financial Provision for the Implementation of State Programs with Scientific and Technical Components

(Elena V. Dmitrishina , Denis A. Uskov , Vita A. Yagovkina, Anna A. Mikhaylova) 

51.Russia's Integration in the World Economy and its Economic Security

(Mihail Nikolaevich Dudin, Vadim Nikolaevich Zasko, Elena Olegovna Chernyh, Elena Ivanovna Sukhova, Maria Vladimirovna Sedova, Ulugbek Saidkarimovich Ziyadullaev) 

52.Developing the Accounting Concept in the Public Sector

(Olga Evgenyevna Kachkova, Maria Aramovna Vakhrushina, Irina Dmitriyevna Demina, Taisiya Ivanovna Krishtaleva, Marina Ilyinichna Sidorova, Elena Nikolaevna Dombrovskaya, Lyudmila Vasilyevna Klepikova) 

53.Use of Investment Project Implementation Mechanism under Production Sharing Agreement for the Development of Oil and Gas

(Julia Luebeck, Dmitry Petrov)

54.Innovation Process and Control Function in Management

(Elvir Munirovich Akhmetshin, Vladimir Lvovich Vasilev, Denis Sergeevich Mironov, Alexei Valerievich Yumashev, Aidar Sultangalievich Puryaev, Vladislav Valerevich Lvov)

55.Tax Revenues and Balanced Budgets

(Orzu Osmanovna Yushkova, Lyudmila Sergeevna Kirina, Nina Ilinishna Malis, Olga Valentinovna Mandroshchenko, Natalya Aleksandrovna Nazarova)

56.Tendencies of Interaction between Russian Universities and Companies Implementing Innovative Development Programs

(Vladimir A. Pastukhov, Nikolay S. Kliman, Dmitry S. Alekseev)

57.Exploration Dimensions of Local Wisdom and their Impact to Sustain Marketing Performance

(Jasin Mochammad, Adek)


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