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1.The Payment Services Directive II and Competitiveness: The Perspective of European Fintech Companies

(Inna Romānova, Simon Grima, Jonathan Spiteri, Marina Kudinska)

2.Stabilization Factors of Family Enterprises in the Context of Macroeconomic Performance

(David Mareš, Naděžda Petrů)

3.Testing for Stochastic Convergence: The Case of the Cohesion Countries

(X. Chapsa, A.L. Athanasenas, N. Tabakis )

4.The Impact of Shari’ah Compliance on the Adjustment to Target Debt Maturity of Malaysian Firms

(H.I. Hussain, M.F. Shamsudin, N.A.M. Anwar, M.A. Salem, N.H. Jabarullah)

5.Top Management Characteristics and Company Performance: An Empirical Analysis on Public Companies Listed in the Indonesian Stock Exchange

(Lailah Fujianti)

6.Alternative Dispute Settlement Regarding Investment in Some Asia Pacific Countries

(Ade Saptomo, Edy Lisdiyono)

7.Education Financing in the Republic οf Kazakhstan: Problems of Ensuring Efficiency and Effectiveness

(A.A. Aryn, P.B. Issakhova)

8.Consumer Behavior in the Context of Global Economic Transformations

(Y.Yu. Deputatova, Y.I. Pshenitsyna, S.B. Ilyashenko, V.A. Baskakov, A.O. Zvereva)

9.A Study of the Determinants of Sports Participation by Maltese Nationals

(Simon Grima, Alan Grima, Eleftherios Thalassinos, Sharon Seychell, Jonathan V. Spiteri)

10.6Forecasting Production Performance

(D.T. Akhmetova, G.B. Utibayeva, B.S. Utibayev, R.M. Zhunusova, A. Baidakov, B.I. Tukenova)

11.The Impact of IFRS Adoption on Earnings Management in Russia

(T.N. Malofeeva)

12.Measuring the Openness of Land Investment Policy Related to Housing or Residential Ownership by Foreigners in Indonesia

(Amad Sudiro)

13.Restriction and Incentives of Investment in Indonesia: Considering the Provisions of Basic Agrarian Law and Capital Market Law

(Nyoman Putu Budiartha)

14.Abuse of Circumstances as a Reason for the Cancellation of Financing Agreements

(Rudyanti Dorotea Tobing)

15.State Programs for Sustainable Rural Development

(O.B. Dordzhieva, B.V. Dordzhieva, S.O. Siptits)

16.Russia's Integration in World Economy and its Economic Security

(M.N. Dudin, V.N. Zasko, E.O. Chernyh, E.I. Sukhova, M.V. Sedova, U.S. Ziyadullaev)

17.Impact Evaluation of Community Empowerment Programs with the Farmer Managed Extension Model

(A. Rahmat, A. Izudin)

18.Diversity Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry in Central and Eastern Europe

(Emil Velinov)


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