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1. Determinants of the Level of Non-Performing Loans in Commercial Banks of Transition Countries 
( Ibish Mazreku, Fisnik Morina, Valdrin Misiri, Jonathan V. Spiteri, Simon Grima ) 

2. Germany and Greece: 
(A Mapping of their Great Divide and its EU Implications ) 

3. SMEs' Alternative Financing: The Case of Latvia 
( R. Rupeika-Apoga S. Saksonova) 

4. Islamic Bank Credit Risk: Macroeconomic and Bank Specific Factors 
(Sudarso Kaderi Wiryono, Kharisya Ayu Effendi) 

5. Emerging Trends and Opportunities for Industry 4.0 Development in Russia 
( S. Vasin, L. Gamidullaeva, E. Shkarupeta, A. Finogeev, I. Palatkin) 

6. Network Economy as a New Economic System 
(Elena Ustyuzhanina , Sergey Evsukov , Irina Komarova ) 

7. Investment Development of Russian Regions Backed up by Natural Monopolies 
(S.N. Silvestrov, N.V. Kuznetsov, V.V. Ponkratov, D.A. Smirnov, N.E. Kotova) 

8. Social Outreach Model and Efficiency in Sharia Micro Finance Institution: Literature Review 
( Purwanto, Ina Primiana, Dian Masyita, Erie Febrian) 

9. Application of Proportionality Principles on Creditor and Debtor Interests in Banking Credit Agreement 
(Galang Prayogo, Faisal Arif) 

10. Corporate Governance and HRM Practice on Consumption Product Sector Listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange 
(Prihatin Tiyanto Priagung Hutomo, Emiliana Sri Pudjiarti ) 

11. Social Mapping for a Popular Economic Improvement in an Industrial Area 
( Iha Haryani ) 

12.  Russian Industry in Global Value-Added Chains 
( V.Yu. Chernova, Z.G. Golodova, E.A. Degtereva, A.M. Zobov, V.S. Starostin) 

13. Tools for Estimating the Effectiveness of Import-Substituting Modernization: Case in the Agriculture of Russia 
( V.Yu. Chernova, B.A. Kheyfets ) 

14. Adaptation of Market Strategies of TNCs in Russia 
(in the Context of Import Substitution Policy ) 

15. A Dynamic Model in the Labor Market: Reasons of Imbalances at the Transition Stage of the Economy 
( L. Matraeva, E. Vasiutina, S. Erokhin, O. Kaurova) 

16. The Role of Corporate Governance on the Effect of State Ownership on Audit Findings at State-Owned Enterprises 
( A.C. Furqan, M.I. Abdullah, M. Iqbal, R. Masdar ) 

17. Technological Factors and Management Transformation in Social and Economic Systems 
( Kh.Sh. Mullakhmetov) 

18. Transformation of the Tax System During the Middle Ages: The Case of Russia 
( A.Z. Nigamaev, A.R. Gapsalamov, E.M. Akhmetshin, A.V. Pavlyuk, N.A. Prodanova, D.V. Savchenkova ) 

19. Tourist's Re-visit Intention from Perspective of Value Perception, Destination Image and Satisfaction 
( Dudi Permana) 

20. Quality Certification and Customer Satisfaction 
( A.H. Sutawijaya, I.L. Mochtar , L.C. Nawangsari) 

21. The Effect of Competence, Training, and Compensation to Employment Performance 
(Purwanto Katidjan Suharno Pawirosumarto Tyas Yuliani) 

22. ASEAN Tourism Destination: A Strategic Plan 
( Arissetyanto Nugroho, Janfry Sihite ) 

23. Brand Name and Customers' Intention 
( Yuli Harwani, Budi Suharjo, Rita Nurmalina, Gendut Suprayitno ) 

24. The Influence of Fundamental Analysis on Stock Prices: The Case of Food and Beverage Industries 
( Aty Herawati , Angger Setiadi Putra ) 

25. Managerial and Supervision Competence at Junior High School Level 
(Farid Wajdi Ibrahim) 

26.  Economic Growth and Financial Intermediation in Southest Asia 
( R. Parianom) 

27.  Factors Affecting the Consumers' Willingness to Claim Product Replacement 
(Agus Salim) 

28.  The Strategy of Independent Entrepreneurship Management 
( Novianty Djafri) 

29.  Personality, Relation to Job Satisfaction and Organizational Citizenship Behavior 
(Anik Herminingsih, Reza Kasuri) 

30.  The Role of Feedforward Control System in Improving SMEs' Performance 
( Dahnil Anzar Simanjuntak) 

31.  Impersonal Trust and Perceived Organizational Politics on Organizational Commitment 
( M. Nurhayati, A. Thoyib, Noermijati, D.W. Irawanto) 

32.  Focusing on Complaints Handling for Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: The Case of Indonesian Public Banking 
(A. Salim, M. Setiawan, R. Rofiaty, F. Rohman) 

33.  Audit Tenure and Quality to Audit Report Lag in Banking 
( L.S. Wiyantoro, F. Usman) 

34.  Trends and Prospects for the Development of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies in the Digital Economy 
( M. Dorofeyev, M. Ksov, V. Ponkratov, A. Masterov, A. Karaev, M. Vasyunina) 

36.  Measuring the Non-Tangible Legacy of Sport Events: The Case of the 2018 FIFA World Cup 
( Tatiana Skryl, Elena Gureeva) 

37.  Culinary Trends in the Republic of Croatia as Part of Gastro Tourism Development 
( Tatiana Skryl, Marina Gregoric, Valentina Dugi) 

38. Enhancement of Accounting of the Agr?-Industrial Sector 
(R. Livanova, E. Stepanenko, L. Postnikova, B. Lukyanov, J. Chutcheva ) 

39. Risk Management and Prospects for the Transition of Penitentiary System: The Case of Kazakhstan 
( D. Lamasharipov) 

40. Internet Marketing as a Diversity Management Tool in Education 
( M.N. Pevzner, P.A.Petryakov, I.A. Donina, N.A. Shaydorova) 

41. Innovation and Entrepreneurship in China 
( M.S. Reshetnikova) 

42. Enhancing the Efficiency of Oil and Gas Complex as a Basis for Ensuring Energy Safety 
( M.V. Chernyaev, T.F. Kreydenko) 

43. Social Differentiation Under Complex Economic Conditions 
( M.M. Makhmudova, A.M. Koroleva, I.V. Denisova) 

44. An Investigation into the Advisability of Using Concessional Taxation to Galvanize Innovation-Driven Economic Development 
(A.S. Dosmanbetova, K.A. Kenenova, A.A. Makenova ) 

45. Student Contests on Negotiation and Mediation: A Tool to Foster Specialists' Social and Professional Interaction Skills 
(A.A. Atabekova , K.P. Chilingaryan , I.I. Kruze , L. Lutskovskaya) 

46. Intercompany Relations of Stakeholders of Investments and Projects 
(N. Usmanova, N. Orlova, T. Shindina, G. Vlasova, N. Knyazeva) 

47. Language of International Migration: Terminology and Concept Analysis 
(N.N. Udina, V.V. Stepanova) 

48. Small Innovative Business Development Experience 
( A.A. Gudkova, G.G. Rodionova, T.I. Turko, V.F. Fedorkov) 

49. Functions of the Bank of Indonesia as Lender ofLast Resort for Banks' Safety 
( Zulfi Diane Zaini) 

50. Finding out Shared Expert Opinion on the Development of Inbound Medical Tourism: The Case of Russia 
(O.A. Nikitina) 

51. Corporate Social Responsibility in Tourism: International Practices 
(E.A. Blinova, M. Gregoric, E.A. Dedusenko, M.M. Romanova) 

52. Enhancing a Mechanism of Transition to Sustainable Development: Environmental Justice and the Inherent Value of Nature 
(K. Gunzenova, A. Nasibulina) 

53. Language Management in Humanitarian Contexts: Unscheduled Migration 
(A.A. Atabekova, N.M. Belenkova, N.Radic, T.V. Shoustikova) 

54. Efficiency of Managerial Control Systems: The Optimal Model 
(M. Chuvashlova, V. Nikolaev) 

55. Science Education: Development of Environmental Thinking 
(S.I. Gilmanshina, R.N. Sagitova, I.R. Gilmanshin ) 

56. Russia's North Regions as Frontier Territories: Demographic Indicators and Management Features 
(V.P. Samarina, T.P. Skufina, A.V. Samarin) 

57.  Economic and Legal Assessment of Tax Evasion Countermeasures 
(O.V. Kostina, E.N. Razdrokov, V.V. Korosteleva) 

58.  Prospects and Development of Tourism in Kazakhstan and the Impact of Incentive Tours on Efficiency 
(S. Trusheva, B.U. Syzdykbaeva ) 

59.  Investigation of Financial Mechanisms of Trade in Military Products in Collective Security Treaty Organization Countries 
( A.M. Chernysheva, E.A. Degtereva, A.A. Trofimova) 

60. Theoretical Basis of Import Substitution in the Agro-Industrial Complex 
( I.L. Vorotnikov, M.V. Muravyova, K.A. Petrov )  


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