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1. Financial Reporting in Maltese Voluntary Organisations 
( Peter J. Baldacchino, Matthew Abela, Simon Grima ) 

2. Analysis of Tourism Infrastructure Development Projects in the Context of "Green Economy" 
(K. Miloradov, G. Eidlina) 

3. Institutional Bureaucracy and Real Sector Movement 
( Cicih Ratnasih) 

4. Current Problems of Banking Supervision and Regulation: 
(A New Evidence ) 

5.  Effective Enterprise Communication and Learning Attitude in Business Performance: A Case Study on SMEs 
( Eddy Seoryanto Soegoto ) 

6.  Financial Assistance, Marketing Assistance and Export Commitment to Improve Export Performance 
( S. Purwanto, M. Setiawan, F. Rohman, N.K. Indrawati) 

7. The Impact of Service Offering on Business Performance in Electrical Engineering Companies 
( Lucie Kanovska, Eva Tomaskova) 

8. Materiality in Audit of Financial Reporting Party Conducting Accounting of Joint Activity 
( A.K. Zhukova, A.L. Zhukov) 

9. Algorithm of Identification and Search for New Market Applications of Unique Technological Competences 
( A.I. Kashirin,Abstract: ) 

10. The Recognition and Valuation of an Asset's Productivity in Business Accounting and Reporting 
( M.A. Shadrina, N.N. Shelemekh, V.V. Mizyureva, V.E.O. Kerimov, B.V. Lukyanov) 

11. Organization and Management of Clusters in Russia in the Context of Import Substitution 
(M.Y. Veselovsky, T.V. Pogodina, E.N. Lobacheva, P.P. Pilipenko, G.A. Rybina ) 

12. Synergy Effect in Innovative Activities and its Accounting in the Technological Competencies of an Enterprise 
( A.A. Chursin, V.V. Strenalyuk) 

13. Diversification of Transit Risks of Russia as a Basis for Economic and Energy Security in European Countries 
( A.M. Chernysheva, N.P. Gusakov, A.A. Trofimova) 

14. A Socio-economic Study of the Food Sector: The Supply Side 
(I. Kulikov, I. Minakov) 

15. Socio-Economic Stratification and the Penitentiary System 
(A.V. Vilkova, E.A. Timofeeva) 

16. The Socioeconomic Development of Russia: Some Historical Aspects 
( A.E. Skhvediani, T.Y. Kudryavtseva) 

17. An Efficient Strategy for the Development of Tourism at Regional Level 
( K.A. Miloradov, T.S. Romanishina, A.A. Kovalenko, N.G. Bondarenko, J.V. Andrianova) 

18. Sustainable Technologies in Greek Tourist Accommodation: 
(A Quantitative Review ) 

19. Economic Assessment and Strategic Potential of Agro Industries: The Case of Sugar Industry 
(I.Fazrakhmanov, M. Lukyanova, V. Kovshov, A. Farrakhetdinova,J. Putyatinskaya ) 

20. Implementation of Leasing Contract in Non-Banking Finance Institutions 
( Lina Maulidiana) 

21. Economic and Mathematical Modeling of Regional Industrial Processes 
(O.Y. Voronkova , А.M. Zadimidcenko , L.V. Goloshchapova , A.G. Polyakova , S.G. Kamolov , E.M. Akhmetshin ) 

22. Economic Mechanism of Regulating Land Relations in the Agricultural Sector of Russia 
( O.Yu. Voronkova , E.M. Akhmetshin , I.N. Sycheva , R.N. Shpakova , E.Yu. Pashkova  , A.L. Poltarykhin ) 

23. Economic Potential and Development Prospects of Small Businesses in Rural Areas 
(I.N. Sycheva , Y.L. Ovchinnicov , O.Yu. Voronkova , E.M. Akhmetshin ,V.V. Kolmakov , A.G. Vasilieva ) 

24. Perceptions of Kazakhstan as a Tourist Destination 
( G. Nametova, A. Tolymbek) 

25. Social Equity: A Route to Progressive Taxation of Individuals 
( N.V. Philippova, R.G. Akhmadeev, O.A. Bykanova, L.A. Chaykovskaya) 

26.  Peculiarities of Development of Innovative Enterprises in Kazakhstan 
( A.S. Temirgaliyeva, K.K. Shadiyev, T.Zh. Demessinov, S.K. Iskendirova, G.A. Orynbekova, O.V. Kopylova, M.M. Valieva ) 

27.  Comparative Analysis of the Competitiveness of Food Markets: The Case of Kazakhstan, Russia, France and Belarus 
(A.Rasulova, S. Bolatkyzy, R. Elshibaev, A. Raiymbekova,D. Tursynbayeva)  

28. Labour Relations in Research of Socio-economic Systems 
(I.N. Sycheva, E.M. Akhmetshin, A.N. Dunets, I.A. Svistula, T.A. Panteleeva, I.Yu. Potashova) 

29. Effect of Government Investment and Capital Participation on Local Own-Source Revenue: The Case of Indonesia 
( Suratno, Ardita Putriani Soerjo)  

30. How Culture, Training Standard and Discipline on the Employee Performance Affect Hotel Management 
( Mochamad Soelton) 

31. Development of Risk Insurance Area for Russian High-Technology Enterprises 
(O.N. Dmitriev, S.V. Novikov) 

32. Transformation of Russian Tax System as Part of the Integration of the Economy into International High-Technology Production Field of Socio-economic Systems 
(O.N. Dmitriev, S.V. Novikov) 

33. Evaluating the Impact of Russian Excise Duty on Oil Products on the Development of Oil Refining and Oil Industry 
(Vadim Ponkratov, Andrey Pozdnyaev, Nikolay Kuznetsov) 

34. The Effect of Internal Auditor Competency on Internal Audit Quality and Its Implication on the Accountability of Local Government 
( Nurdiono, Rindu Rika Gamayuni ) 

35. The Impact of Information and Communication Technology Investments on the Performance of Lebanese Banks 
(R.M. Mahboub) 

 36. How to Enhance Society's Income through Entrepreneurship, Information and Legislation Policy 
( Wier Ritonga) 

37. Prospects for the Development of the Green Economy of Russian Federation 
(A.L. Poltarykhin , A.E. Alekseev , V.V. Kudryavtsev, T.A. Makhanova , O.Yu. Voronkova , H.T. Aydinov ) 

38. Antecedents and Outcomes of Corporate Governance: Evidence from Indonesia 
(I.Khajar, H. Hersugondo, U. Udin) 

39. A Systematic Literature Review of Altruism: Challenges, Outcomes and Future Research Directions 
(A. Yuniawan, U. Udin, A. Abdurrahman, R. Puji Suci) 

40. Current State, Tendencies and Peculiarities of Development in Higher Education: The Case of Russia 
(A.V. Voloshin, J.J. Suslova, E.A. Batrayeva, L.V. Baguzova, N.V. Ananeva) 

41. Russian Banking in the Global Economic System: Historical Experience of Integration (1991-2017) 
(Vitaly F. Ershov) 

42. Prospects for Using Cryptocurrency in the Economy of Kazakhstan and the Attitude of the National Bank 
( Tolendi Ashimbayev, Sarkyt Tashenova) 

43. Dynamics, Peculiarities and Financial Factors for the Industrial Development of the South of Russia 
( O.V. Berezhnaya, E.V. Berezhnaya, N.V. Solovyova, E.A. Karapetyan, V.I. Berezhnoy) 

44. Development of the Land Market in the Republic of Kazakhstan 
( A.S. Kulmaganbetova, K.K. Abuyov, N.Z. Akhmetova) 

45. Aspects of Transactions by Business Entities in Civil Legislation 
( L.B. Sitdikova, S.J. Starodumova, M.A. Volkova) 

46. The Legislative Innovations in Educational Funding 
( D.A. Smirnov, V.P. Pavlov, M.S. Trofimov) 

47. Assessing the Potential of Small Business Development in the Northern Region of Russia Based on Correlation Analysis 
( I.V. Takmasheva, D.V. Sannikov) 

48. The Influence of Addiction to Gambling on the Civil Capacity of Citizens 
(A.M. Zatsepin,, M.N. Zatsepin, O.V. Filippova, R.M. Allalyev, A.A. Fatkullina ) 

49. Problems of Innovative Development of the Northern Territories of Russia 
( A.B. Zelinskaya, L.L. Bogomolova, E.I. Kushnikov ) 

50. Economic and Environmental Activities of an Economic Entity in the Regional Economy 
( M.M. Makhmudova, A.M. Koroleva, I.V. Denisova) 

51. Credit Market and Economic Growth of Russia: Modeling Mutual Influence 
( V.A. Byvshev , N.E. Brovkina) 

52. The Impact of Sustainability Reports toward the Firm Value 
( Hadri Mulya, Herbayu Prabowo) 

53. Top Management Vision Through Role Models, Determination and Dicsiplines 
( Dewi Nusraningrum) 

54. National Culture: Individualism and Collectivism to Audit Judgement 
(Tulus Suryanto) 


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