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  1. The Complexity of the Living Entity - A New Paradigm (Prof. PhD, Constantin Popescu,Prof. PhD, Ion Gh. Ro ca, Prof. PhD, Viorel Lefter, Prof. PhD, Carmen Costea, Prof. PhD, Alexandru Tasnadi, Assist. Prof. Liana Badea, PhD Student Miltiade Stanciu)
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility – Analysing Social and Financial Performance The Case of Romania(Irina – Eugenia IAMANDI, Andreea Raluca C R GIN, Alina CHICIUDEAN, Mihaela Cristina DR GOI)
  3. Demographic Changes in transition countries: Opportunity or Obstacle for Economic Growth? Case of Montenegro (Dr Maja Bacovic)
  4. What is at Stake with Globalization? (Prof. Dr. Angela Rogojanu)
  5. Technology Transfer as Value Ratio Enlargement (Mojmir Sabolovic)
  6. A Time Series Model for the Romanian Stock Market (Eleftherios Thalassinos, Diana-Mihaela Pociovalisteanu)
  7. The Management of Portfolio Risk on the Romanian Capital Market (Dalia Simion, lect. dr. Daniel Toba, lect. dr.)
  8. The Current Models of Market Orientation (Eva Tomaskova)
  9. Methodological Aspects in Using Pearson Coefficient in Analyzing Social and Economical Phenomena (Daniela-Emanuela Danacica, Ana-Gabriela Babucea)
  10. Reflection of the Efficiency of the Fixed Capital (Fixed Means) Into The Factories’ Profit (Caruntu Constantin, Lapadusi Mihaela Loredana)
  11. Financial Openness and Financial Development in the South Mediterranean Sea Countries: Institutional Approach and Calculation ofm Development Thresholds (Samouel BEJI)
  12. Econometric Model Of Inflation And Currency Rate Of Exchange (Cornelia Tomescu Dumitrescu)

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