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  1. Is Purchasing Power Parity Hypothesis Reasonable from the View of Trade Blocks and Currency Zones? (Yutaka Kurihara)
  2. The Problems of Higher Education Funding: The Case Study of “Babeş-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania (Ciumaş Cristina)
  3. Economics of Innovation: A Review in Theory and Models (George M. Korres, Stylianos Drakopoulos)
  4. Economic Governance in an Asymmetric Monetary Union: A Fiscal Policy Game Analysis (Cornel Oros)
  5. Optimal policy for FDI incentives: An auction theory approach (Israel Luski, Mosi Rosenboim)
  6. Business Performance Analysis via VAIC™ (Mojmir Sabolovic)
  7. Gaining Company’s Sustained Competitive Advantage, Is Really a Necessary Precondition for Improved Organizational Performance? The Case of TQM (Victoria Pekka Economou, Pantelis G. Chatzikonstantinou)
  8. As a Pattern of a Healthy University Organization (Carmen Costea, Constantin Popescu, Alexandru Tasnadi, Liana Badea, Miltiade Stanciu)
  9. Measuring Performance – Conceptual Framework Questions (Jaroslav Wagner)
  10. The Current Methods of Measurement of Market Orientation (Ing. Eva Tomášková)
  11. Health Care Services Performance Measurement: Theory, Methods and Empirical Evidence (N. Maniadakis, N. Kotsopoulos, P. Prezerakos, J. Yfantopoulos)
  12. Work-Flow in the Procedure of Marine Insurance Claims (Μichael I. Pazarzis)
  13. A Theoretical Framework Contrasting the Resource-Based Perspective and the Knowledge-Based View (Nikolaos G. Theriou, Vassilis Aggelidis, Georgios N. Theriou)

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