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  1. A Luenberger Index for the Greek Life Insurance Industry (Carlos Pestana Barrosa, Milton Nektariosb and Nicolas Peypochc)
  2. Price stability and financial stability in the context of EUROSYSTAMís monetary policy (Anca Bandoi, Dorel Berceanu, Dana Danciulescu)
  3. Control Strategies to Ground an Expert System (Lecturer dr. eng. Mironela Pirnau, Prof. Gheorghe Lăpădatu)
  4. Modeling the Data Entities used in the Financial Diagnosis through Onthologies (Ph.D Obancea Georgiana Daniela, Ph.D Professor Ilie Tamas)
  5. International Portfolio Diversification: Evidence from European Emerging Markets (Nikolaos L. Hourvouliades)
  6. Inflation Targeting-Fundamental Objective of the Monetary Policy of Romanian National Bank (BNR (PhD. Apetri Anişoara Niculina, PhD. Mihalciuc Camelia Cătălina)
  7. Human Resources Development and ICT Contribution to the Tourist Destination Competitiveness (Ramona Gruescu, Roxana Nanu, Anca Tanasie)
  8. The Prospect of Euro Adoption in Romania (Făt Codruţa Maria, Beju Daniela Georgeta)
  9. Measuring Regional Development with RIV Models: A Case Study for Romania and the European Union (Ph.D. Professor Romeo Ionescu)
  10. Conceptual Marks Concerning the Strategies Based on Knowledge and the Contemporary Period (Amalia Venera Todorut)
  11. A Study Regarding the Value Added of the SMEs from the District of Dolj, Romania (Lect. Ph.D. Daniel Circiumaru, Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. Marian Siminica, Assoc. Prof. Dorel Berceanu)
  12. Regional Policy Responses to Demographic Challenges and Opportunities (Costin Octavian SORICI)
  13. The Impact of Unemployment Rate on the Dimension of Shadow Economy in Spain: A Structural Equation Approach (Ion Dobre, Adriana AnaMaria Alexandru)
  14. Health Care Finance, the Performance of Public Hospitals and Financial Statement Analysis (Panayiotis Curtis, Theodore A. Roupas)

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