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  1. The Dodecagon of Internationalisation: A Theoretical Integration Model (Oskar Villarreal Larrinaga)
  2. Distribution and Development in Developing Countries: An Empirical Assessment (Minh Quang DAO)
  3. Explaining Accounting Policy Choices of SME’s: An Empirical Research on the Evaluation Methods (Szilveszter FEKETE, Yau M. DAMAGUM, Răzvan MUSTAŢĂ, Dumitru MATIŞ, Ioan POPA)
  4. Adhesion of Poland into EURO ZONE (Jarosław Kundera)
  5. Physical and Human Capital Complementarity and Worker Effort Level by Nutritional Level within Labor-Augmenting Solow Type Model (Erkan Erdil and Kahraman Kalyoncu)
  6. The Residual Value Models: A Framework for Business Administration (Konstantinos J. Liapis)
  7. The Main Directions in Comparative Franchising Regulation – Unidroit Initiative and its Influence (Tamara Milenkovic KERKOVIC)
  8. Labour Market and Human Resources Development: An Analysis of Findings from the Albania Survey of Human Resources Development (Frederik CUCLLARI, Mirela CINI and Aida GABETA)
  9. Α GARCH Examination of Macroeconomic Effects on U.S. Stock Market: A Distinction Between the Total Market Index and the Sustainability Index (Nikolaos SARIANNIDIS, Grigoris GIANNARAKIS, Nicolaos LITINAS and George KONTEOS)
  10. Value Relevance of Accounting Information in the Pre- and Post-IFRS Accounting Periods (Dimitrios V. KOUSENIDIS, Anestis C. LADAS and Christos I. NEGAKIS)
  11. The Implementation of Competition Policy in the Field of Concentration: The Albanian Case (Alba ALLMUÇA)
  12. Some Considerations on Ending the Process of Economic Transition in Romania and Slovakia (Cezar SCARLAT and Silvia RUCINSKA)
  13. Globalisation, Where? (Mirela MAZILU)
  14. The Role of Work-Life Balance Practices in Order to Improve Organizational Performance (IOAN LAZĂR, CODRUŢA OSOIAN, PATRICIA RAŢIU)
  15. Operational Risk Measurement (Gabriela ANGHELACHE, Ana-Cornelia OLTEANU (PUIU), Alina-Nicoleta RADU)

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