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  1. The Idea of Freedom and the Premises of Liberalism in Greek Thought (Adrian Gorun)
  2. A New Strategy for Europe and New Economic Opportunities for Greece and the East European Countries (Amalia Venera Todorut, Liliana Constantinescu)
  3. A Comparative Analysis of the Greek and Romanian Public Finances: 2000-2008 (Marius Dincă, Gheorghiţa Dincă)
  4. Effects of the “European Security and Defence Policy” in Greece (Maria Markantonatou)
  5. Survey on the Transfer of Experience Acquired by Romanian Public Representatives from EU Countries Including Greece (Alina Tecau)
  6. The Influence of Greek Banking Capital in Non-Eurozone Countries (Carmen Adriana Gheorghe, Ioana Nicolae)
  7. Examination of Management Models in the Common Fisheries Policy (Fernando González Laxe, M. Isabel Novo-Corti)
  8. An Internationalized Approach to European Perspectives for the Safety and Security in Port Industry (Chlomoudis C. I., Kostagiolas P.A.)
  9. A Comparative Analysis of Romanian and Greek Exports in the Process of EU-Integration (Nicolae Marinescu, Monica Raileanu Szeles)
  10. The Development - Trojan Horse (Miltiade Stanciu, Laura Vladuca)
  11. The Importance of Stakeholders and Policy Influence Enhancing the Innovation in Nature Based Tourism Services Greece, Austria, Finland and Romania Case Studies (Carmen Năstase, Carmen Chaşovschi, Mihai Popescu, and Adrian Liviu Scutariu)
  12. The Main Directives of the Process of Unification Commercial Contracts Law in Europe – The Path for Serbian National Private Law Legislation (Tamara Milenkovic-Kerkovic)
  13. The Challenges of Euro Adoption in Romania: Some Lessons from the Greek Experience (Ileana Tache)
  14. Democracy and Cultural Rights in the European Union (Gabriela Ratulea)
  15. The Distribution of London Metal Exchange Prices: A Test of the Fractal Market Hypothesis (Epaminondas Panas, Vassilia Ninni)

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