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  1. The Problem of Determining the Energy Mix: from the Portfolio Theory to the Reality of Energy Planning in the Spanish Case (Fernando de Llano Paz, Anxo Calvo Silvosa, Martín Portos García)
  2. The Impact of Fuel and CO2 Prices on Electricity Power Plans (Paula Ferreira, Isabel Soares, Madalena Araujo)
  3. Some Economic Aspects of Energy Security (Xavier Labandeira, Baltazar Manzano)
  4. Application of a Structural Model to the Spanish Electricity Wholesale Market (Vítor Marques, Isabel Soares, Adelino Fortunato)
  5. Are we Following the Right Path? Assessment of the Portuguese Electricity Generation on Atmospheric Emissions (Monica Meireles, Isabel Soares, Oscar Olfonso)
  6. The Impact of Renewable Energy Sources on Economic Growth and CO2 Emissions - a SVAR approach (Susana Silva, Isabel Soares, Carlos Pinho)
  7. What’s Happening to the European Electricity Market? (Isabel Soares, Andres Faina, Jose Lopez, Laura Varela-Candamio)
  8. Unbundling in the Telecommunications and the Electricity Sectors: How Far should it Go? (Isabel Soares, Paula Sarmento)

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