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  1. Cultural and Socio-Economic Restrictions for the Adoption of the IESBA Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants in the European Countries (Itsaso Barrainkua, Marcela Espinosa-Pike)
  2. Money, Inflation and the Arab Spring in Bahrain (Michael S. Miller, Seth Epstein)
  3. Peculiarities of Implementation of the Results of Actors’ Solving of Political Tasks (Tatyana Traverse)
  4. Factoring Services in the Czech Republic (Vladislav Pavlat, Otakar Schlossberger)
  5. The Role of the Servant Leadership on the Relation between Ethical Climate Perception and Innovative Work (Mustafa Kemal Topcu, Ali Gursoy, Poyraz Gurson)
  6. Utilization of Customer Satisfaction Measurement in Czech Tourism (Tomas Sadilek)
  7. Government Control over Innovative Ventures in the West European Countries (Elena Nikolaevna Zakharova, Anzaur Aslanbekovich Kerashev, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Mokrushin, Ruslan Aslancherievich Tkhagapso, Marine Zaurovna Abesalashvili)

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