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THEME A: Business Management and Economic Issues
  1. A Novel Graph Decomposition Approach to the Automatic Processing of Poorly Formalized Data: Innovative Ideas – A Management Case Study (N.V. Patrikeeva, V.N. Babeshko, E.A. Kamenev, V.E. Podolskiy)
  2. Development Regularities of Technical Systems as a Means of Scientific, Methodological and Information Support of Idea and Innovation Management (A.I. Bashmakov, V.V. Popov, D.N. Zhedyaevskii, D.N. Chikichev, E.A. Voyakin)
  3. Generic Heurorithm of Innovation Management from Generating Ideas to Commercialization (A.I. Bashmakov, V.V. Popov, D.N. Zhedyaevskii, D.N. Chikichev, E.A. Voyakin)
  4. The Issues of Covering Science and Technical Policy of Modern Russia in the Strategic Planning Documents (E.V. Dmitrishina, D.A. Uskov)
  5. The Concept of the Triad of Branches of State Power and Issues of its Modernisation (Abdrasulov E.B., Shalabaev S.R., Mugauova A.I.)
  6. Place and Function of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan within a System of Division of Powers (Abdrasulov E.B., Shalabaev S.R., Mugauova A.I.)
  7. Interpretation of the Constitution and of Law-Transforming Principles within Activity of Courts and the Agency of Constitutional Control in the Republic of Kazakhstan (Abdrasulov E.B., Shalabaev S.R., Mugauova A.I.)


THEME B: Human Rights and Human Protection
  1. Improvement of Organizational Forms of Interaction of the Court and the Public Prosecution Office as a Condition of Effective Solution of General Tasks of the Court and the Public Prosecution Office (Onlanbekova G.M., Abdrasulov E.B.)
  2. 1994 Treaty as the Basis for the 2011 Agreement on Free Trade Area (B. Amandossuly, S.Z. Aidarbaeyv, K.N. Shakirov, A.A. Alexeyev)
  3. Principles of Interaction of Judicial Power and Prosecution Agencies as Reflection of Objective Regularities of Their Business Cooperation (G.M. Onlanbekova , E.B. Abdrasulov)
  4. The Problem of Determining the Place of International Civil Process in the Legal System of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Tumenbaev S.A., Erdzhanov T.K., Bayzhanov M.M., Darkenbaev A.I., Serim G.U.)
  5. Recommendations on Reforming the Current Legislation on the Import and Export of Research Materials (A. E. Voinov, I. B. Khlebnikov, Sh. A. Dzhabrailov)
  6. Consumer Rights Protection in International and Municipal Law: Problems and Perspectives (S.B. Zharkenova , L.Sh. Kulmakhanova)


THEME C: Modernization of Education
  1. Experience of Universities in Practice-Oriented Training Personnel for High-Tech Enterprises (Y.M. Borovin, E.V. Krylova, A.D. Shlyapin)
  2. On Some Approaches to Evaluation of Well-formedness of Noncognitive Skills (T.V. Krupa, A.A. Lebedev, M.I. Kovalenko, K.V. Anistratenko)
  3. Theoretical Approaches to Evaluation of Meta-Subject ‘Noncognitive Skills’ (T.V. Krupa, A.A. Lebedev, M.I. Kovalenko, K.V. Anistratenko)
  4. "Giants against Gods" (Regarding the plastic nature of sculpture and theater by the example of the exhibition and installation of the Pergamon altar in the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts) (T. Portnova)
  5. Some Aspects оf Cognitive and Ideographic Characteristics аs а Means оf Professional Terminological System Description (Samigullina L.Z.)
  6. Periodicity of Professional Pedagogical Education within Bachelor’s and Master’s Programmes in Natural Sciences (Kartavykh M.A., Ageeva E.L., Filatova O.M., Veryaskina M.A., Ruban E.M.)
  7. The Integration of Financial and Economic Disciplines in the Educational Process of Vocational Education (Kuryleva O.I, Vinnikova I.S., Gurtovaya N.S., Kuznetsova E.A., Ogorodova M.V., Lavrent'eva L.V.)
  8. Design of Professional Career by Future Experts in the Sphere of Art and Culture (Medvedeva T.Y, Kazantseva G.A., Mineeva O.A., Karpukova A.A., Daricheva M.V.)
  9. The Use of Narrative as a Speech Behaviour Model (E.A. Chelnokova, S.N. Kaznacheeva, I.B. Bicheva, T.V. Perova, Zh.V. Smirnova, N.F. Agayev)


THEME D: Macroeconomic and Macroeconomic Aspects in CISs
  1. Reduction in Budgetary Expenditure on Social Services as one of the Russian Economy Stabilization Plan Direction (Elena Ivanova Danilina, Oksana Sergeevna Gaifutdinova, Nikolay Kuznetsof)
  2. Current Trends of Investment Climate in the Republic of Kazakhstan (Samal Tursynbekovna Omarova)
  3. Niels Bohr’s Principle of Complementarities in Political Economy (Vladilen Sergeevich Afanasyev, Yulia Mihayilovna Medvedeva, Rafael Envarovich Abdulov)
  4. Development of the State Support for Agriculture in Krasnoyarsk Region (Natalia Ivanovna Pyzhikova , Alexey Vladimirovich Ovsyanko, Lidiya Aleksandrovna Ovsyanko, Elizaveta Ivanovka Kavalenko, Elena Yurievna Vlasova)
  5. Social Priorities of Internal Banking Assortment (Products) Policy (Yury Rusanov, Yury Aleksandrovich Rovensky, Tatiana Belyanchikova, Natalya Nikolaevna Natocheeva, Anna Aleksandrovna Sysoeva)

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