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1.The Influence of the Ethnic Culture Specifics on the Organizational Culture of the Industrial Enterprise (A.V. Erastova)
2.Assessment of the Balance Degree of Loan Companies Banking Policy (V.V. Mitrokhin, S.S. Artemyev, I.K. Simaeva)
3.Development of Energy Management Systems of Russian Companies in the Context of World Tendencies of Improving Energy Efficiency (L.A. Fedoskina)
4.The Integration of the Accounting System for Implementing World Class Manufacturing (WCM) Principles (O.I. Averinа, N.F. Kolesnik, L.M. Makarova)
5.The Optimization of the System of Taxpayers’ State Registration Using Road Mapping Method (N.A. Fillipova, T.A. Efremova, G.V.Morozova, T.V.Ermoshina)
6.Innovation and Investment Safety as the Condition for Neo-Industrial Development (E.D. Kormishkin, O.S. Sausheva, V.A. Gorin, E.S. Zemskova)
7.Problems and Mechanisms of Sustainable Development of Rural Areas (at the example of the Republic of Mordovia) (E.G. Kovalenko, O.Y. Yakimova, E.V. Avtaykina, O.O. Zaytseva)
8.Russian Engineering Services Market: Theory and Practice of Modern High-Tech Business (D.V. Okunev, S.E. Maykova, J.V. Korokoshko, E.A. Leonenko, I.V. Gvozdetskaya)
9.Unused Potential of Quality Management Systems of the Russian Companies: an Empirical Study (T.A. Salimova, V.I. Makolov)
10.Corporate Social Responsibility: Specificity, Formation Mechanism, Estimation of Management Efficiency (I.A. Ivanova, M.V. Bikeeva)
11.Monitoring of Food Security in the Russian Federation:  Methodology and Assessment (L.A. Kormishkina, N.N. Semenova)
12.Program-Targeted Regulation of the Regional Consumer Market (E.A. Neretina, E.V. Soldatova, N.S. Komleva, N.O. Kolchina, E.G. Shcherbakova)
13.Methods of Analysis of Equity Securities Risk and Return: Issues and Prospects (N.A. Gorbunova)
14.Tax Incentives for Energy Efficient Investments in the Context of Neo-Industrial Paradigm in Russia (L.P. Koroleva)
15.Ways to Improve the Competitiveness of the Economic Complex of the Republic of Mordovia (L.V. Marabaeva, I.A. Gorin)

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