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1.Integral Assessment of the Effectiveness of Investment Projects on the Basis of Econometric Methods (E.G. Moskaleva, L.A. Chelmakina)
2.Improving Bank’s Customer Service on the Basis of Quality Management Tools (O.A. Novokreshchenova, N.A. Novokreshchenova, S.E. Terehin)
3.Government Control of Agrarian field of Economics in the Conditions of Global Challenge and Threats (T.M. Polushkina, S.A. Kochetkova, Yu.A. Akimova, N.A. Polushkin)
4.The Institutionalization of the Concept of Corporate Social Responsibility: Opportunities and Prospects (T.N. Savina)
5.Methodical Aspects of Organization and Carrying out of Functional-Cost Analysis on the Basis of Process Approach for the Purpose of Expenses and Quality Optimization (T.P. Sharashkina)
6.Protection of the Right to Respect for Private and Family Life in European Court of Human Rights (L.Yu. Fomina)
7.Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy: Political and Legal Views and Protection of Religious Rights (Y.N. Sushkova)
8.Legal Self-Defense: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow (N.I. Uzdimaeva)
9.The Ability of Civil Society to Act against Corruption (O.N. Ageeva, S.V. Anoschenkova, S.V. Petrikova, S.N. Pomnina)
10.Problems of Improving Russian Legislation on Property Rights and Other Proprietary Interests (I.A. Emelkina)
11.Content and Guarantees of Implementation the Right to Local Self-Government in the Russian Federation (A.R. Eremin)
12.Current Status and Development Prospects of Legal Clinics in Russia (T.V. Hudoikina)
13.Issues and Prospectives of the Educational Service Market Modernization (A.P. Gorina)
14.The Quality of Education as a Primary Concern of the Sustainable Development (N.D. Guskova, S.M. Vdovin, I.N. Krakovskaya, Yu.Yu. Slushkina)
15.Social Expectations and Satisfaction with Professional Activity of Pedagogical Personnel of Research University (evidence from the State University of Mordovia) (Y.V. Sazhin, Y.V. Saraikin)

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