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1.Family Business in the Czech Republic (P. Breckova)
2.Comparison of Different Methods of Credit Risk Management of the Commercial Bank to Accelerate Lending Activities for SME Segment (E. Cipovová, G. Dlasková)
3.Supporting Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Preparing for the Euro Adoption in the Czech Republic (M. Helisek)
4.Position of Low-Cost Banks on the Financial Market in the Czech Republic (Aleš Hes, Petra Jílková)
5.Intensity and Extensity of Firm Development and Dynamic Dupont Analysis (J. Mihola, J. Kotěšovcová, P. Wawrosz)
6.Comparability and Reliability of Financial Information in the Sector of Czech SMES (ten years of IFRS as a part of Czech accounting context) (D. Kubíčková, I. Jindřichovská)
7.Small and Medium-Sized Enterprizes – Opportunities and Challenges (David Mareš , Gabriela Dlasková)
8.Specifics of the Development of Family Businesses in the Czech Republic (N. Petrů , K. Havlíček)
9.Impact of the Implementation of the SEPA Project on SMEs (O. Schlossberger)
10.Phenomenon of "Born Globals“ in the internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Czech Republic (I. Simberova  and E. Rekova)
11.Analysis Tools of Connecting Investment Opportunities and Investment Means in the Area of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (R. Valenčík, J. Červenka)
12.The Shariah Financial Accounting Standards: How they Prevent Fraud in Islamic Banking (T. Suryanto, R. Ridwansyah)
13.Top Managers Networking Influence on Competitive Intelligence Practices: the Case of Hi-Tech SMBs (C. Robertie, Norbert Lebrument)
14.Effective State Ownership Administration in the Context of the Privatization Process in Russia (N.G. Filatova)
15.Measuring the Correlation of Job Satisfaction with Accountants Performance: A Role of Islamic Work Ethics as a Moderating (A. Amilin)


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