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 1.The Moderating Effect of Industry Environments on the Relationship between IT Asset Portfolios, Efficiency and Innovation in the ERP Context
(Wahyu Agus Winarno, Bambang Tjahjadi)

2.Selected Behavioural Factors in Client-Initiated Auditor Changes: The Client-Auditor Perspectives
(Peter J Baldacchino, Rosalene Caruana, Simon Grima and Frank H. Bezzina)

3.Behavioral Intention to Use E-Tax Service System: An Application of Technology Acceptance Model
(Jullie Jeanette Sondakh)

4.The Mechanism of CSR Beliefs Dissemination: From Idea to Institution or Vice Versa
(Iuliia Platonova, Maksim Tcvetkov, Olga Chkalova, Marina Efremova)

5.Assessing the Determinants of Interest Rate Spread of Commercial Banks in Oman: An Empirical Investigation
(Faris Nasif Al Shubiri, Syed Ahsan Jamil)

6.A First Approach to a Public Financial Information System for Social Benefits
(Noemi Pena-Miguel, Javier Corral-Lage, J. Inaki De La Pena Esteban, University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU))

7.The Capital Structure: Is Debt just a Policy or Requerement?
(Winston Pontoh)

8.Correlation of Logistics and Marketing Functions in Modern Russia
(Guzelbaeva Gulshat Talgatovna, Novikov Dmitry Sergeevich, Astafieva Liliya Kabirovna)

9.The Influence of Entrepreneurial Orientation and Family Business’s Resources and Capabilities on Μarketing Performances
(Wittaya Charupongsopon, Wilert Puriwat)

10.Organic Food Attributes Determing Consumer Choices
(Mariola Grzybowska-Brzezinska, Mlgorzata Grzywinska-Rapca, Ireneusz Zuchowski, Piotr Borawski)

11.The Importance of Intangible Assets in the Strategic Management of the Firm: An Empirical Application for Banco Santander
(Eva Maria Lado Gonzalez, Domingo Calvo Dopico)

12.Consequences of Going Concern Opinion for Financial Reports of Business Firms and Capital Markets with Auditor Reputation as a Moderation Variable - An Experimental Study
(Dody Hapsoro, Tulus Suryanto)

13.A Decade of EU Membership: Evolution of Competitiveness in Romania
(Constantin Zaman, Bogdan Meunier)

14.The Impact of Role Conflict and Role Ambiguity on Accountants’ Performance: The Moderating Effect of Emotional Quotient
(Amilin Amilin)

15.What Skills Do Nascent Entrepreneurs Need? The Evidence from Thailand
(Suchart Tripopsakul, Wittaya Charupongsopon)

16.Rural Urban Linkages, Fair Trade and Poverty in Rural Urban Fringe
(Nurlina T. Muhyiddin, Neneng Miskiyah)

17.Reconfiguration of Financial System Elements to Restore Economic Growth: The System Simplicity and Transformation towards State-Based and Corporate-Based Types
(Sergey Vladimirovitch Anureev)

18.Liquidity Risk: Comparison between Islamic and Conventional Banking
(Kharisya Ayu Effendi, Disman Disman)

19.Motivation as Factor of Improving Efficiency of Trade Company Operations
(Nina Vladimirovna Kuznetsova, Oksana Nikolaevna Sinitsina, Vasilya Minsalihovna Gafurova, Maria Vladimirovna Pavluhina, Tatyana Vladimirovna Salyaeva, Evgeniya Aleksandrovna Puzankova)

20.Theoretical Approaches towards Global Social Development
(Margarita I. Zabelina, Valeriy V. Nikishkin, Nina T. Arefyeva, Svetlana V. Mudrova, Larisa G. Cherednichenko)

21.Special Economic Zone as a Local Area of Public-Private Parthership Implementation
(E.R. Akhmetshina, G.T. Guzelbaeva, D.K. Rakhmatullina)

22.Dynamic Model of Optimal Production Control in a Hysteretic Behaviour of Economic Agents
(Alexander Mikhailovich Batkovskiy, Viktor Antonovich Nesterov, Olga Olegovna Reshetova, Elena Georgievna Semenova, Alena Vladimirovna Fomina)

23.Current State and Prospects for Development of Internet Advertising in Kazakhstan
(Maira Turysbekovna Davletova, Nazym Satbekovna Dulatbekova, Galim Gabdulsanovich Sadykov)

24.Formation of Human Resource Management System in Organizations
(Vladimir Yuryevich Morozov, Yulia Vladimirovna Murashova, Tatyana Nikolaevna Lustina, Aleksandra Georgiyevna Panova, Veronika Andreevna Danilova)

25.Tendencies and Prospects of Public-Private Partnership Development in the Field of Physical Culture and Sport
(E.R. Akhmetshina, O.A. Ignatjeva, I.M. Ablaev)

26.The Main Approaches to the Cluster Development in the Russian Economy
(I.M. Ablaev)

27.Financial Performance towards Value of Firms in Basic and Chemicals Industry
(P. Purwanto, Jillian Agustin)

28.The Pattern Analysis of Family Business Succession: A Study on Medium Scale Family Business in Indonesia
(Christina Whidya Utami, Denny Bernardus, Gek Sintha)

29.Attitude, Subjective Norms, Perceived Behavior, Entrepreneurship Education and Self-efficacy toward Entrepreneurial Intention University Student in Indonesia
(Christina Whidya Utami)

30.The Role of Feedback and Feed Forward Control System to Improve Competitive Advantage of SMEs in Indonesia
(Meutia Tubagus Ismail, Ahmad Bukhori)

31.Comparative Analysis of the Best Practices in the Economic Policy of Import Substitution
(Alexander M. Zobov, Ekaterina A. Degtereva, Veronica Yu. Chernova, Vasily S. Starostin)

32.A Study of Revisit Intention: Experiential Quality and Image of Muara Beting Tourism Site in Bekasi District
(Surya Bintarti, Ergo Nurpatria Kurniawan)

33.The Mutual Impacts of Corporate Governance Dimensions and Legal Protection Systems on the Performance of European Banks: A Post-Crisis Study
(Hani El-Chaarani)

34.The Influence of Crude Oil Price in Biodiesel and its Implication on the Production of Palm Oil: The Case of Indonesia
(Wahyu Murti)

35.Enterprise Development Factors’ Control
(Mikhail Nikolaevich Pavlenkov, Valeryi Glebovich Larionov, Pavel Mikhaylovich Voronin, Ivan Mikhaylovich Pavlenkov)

36.Does Financial Performance of Islamic Banking is better? Panel Data Estimation
(Irma Setyawati, Sugeng Suroso, Tulus Suryanto, Dini Siti Nurjannah)

37.The Impact of Sovereign Debt on Growth: An Empirical Study on GIIPS versus JUUSD Countries
(Haytham Y.M. Ewaida)


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