Analysis of Tourism Infrastructure Development Projects in the Context of "Green Economy"

K. Miloradov, G. Eidlina
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXI, Issue 4, 20-30, 2018
EOI: 10.11214/thalassinos.21.04.002


The article examines the impact of economic and environmental factors on the implementation of tourism and recreation infrastructure development projects. An approach to analysis of socioeconomic and environmental factors has been proposed, considering preferences of different stakeholders and a multiplicity of project performance indicators. Official statistical data and expert estimates have been used to represent the experience of tourism and recreation infrastructure development projects in the regions of the Russian Federation. A methodology for analyzing the importance of socioeconomic and environmental factors, the preferences of project participants, for evaluating the effectiveness of tourism and recreation infrastructure development projects, aimed at achieving agreed objectives in the long term has been formulated. Based on the research findings, it can be argued that the proposed approach aimed at identifying the largest possible number of project participants, formalizing their preferences and using multi-criteria analysis of options reduces the likelihood of making incorrect management decisions that would lead to negative socioeconomic and environmental effects in the long term and improves the quality of tourism and recreation infrastructure development project planning.

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