Managing the Age Diversity of Employees as a Remedy for the Aging of the Society from an Intergenerational Perspective

Boguslawa Ziolkowska
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXIV, Issue 3, 386-401, 2021
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/2360


Purpose: The aim of the article was to get to know the views on the issues related to "age management" and to indicate the similarities and differences in the opinions of distant age groups in the field of interpretation of the concept of "age management", motivations delaying reaching retirement age, benefits resulting from the implementation of the concept of "age management" for the employer and employee, conditions that should exist for "age management" to bring positive effects and select the greatest beneficiaries of this concept. Design/Methodology/Approach: The study included people in retirement age and adolescents who have not yet finished their education. These are groups of people whose views on age management are poorly understood, but can be the key to understanding and reaching intergenerational agreement in the workplace. Findings: The current and projected demographic changes pose a new challenge for employers in the field of human resource management and cannot be ignored. In fact, this is a double challenge as it means attracting young talent while retaining older workers who have already reached retirement age. People participating in the labour market represent different generations, differing in values, expectations and motivation to work. Practical implications: Human potential of different ages, with appropriate shaping of employees' attitudes towards the problems of aging, which is a natural process, can combine the bravado and creativity of younger staff with the experience and accuracy of older employees. Sustainable management in this area may translate into greater job satisfaction, and thus, increase the efficiency of the organization and shape their social responsibility. Originality/Value: A critical analysis of the research literature and research results related to the management of age diversity allowed to answer research questions on age management. The stereotypes related to the employment of older people were reviewed, the benefits of understanding and implementing the concept of age management were indicated, and situations in which understanding and implementing the concept of age management can bring positive results were indicated.

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