Forecast Scenarios of World Prices for Natural Gas

Isabella Damdinovna Elyakova, Aleksandr Andreyevich Khristoforov, Aleksandr Lvovich Elyakov, Larisa Ivanovna Danilova, Tamara Aleksandrovna Karataeva, Elena Vladimirovna Danilova
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XX, Issue 4A, 284-297, 2017
EOI: 10.11214/thalassinos.20.06.020
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/835


The study proposes forecast scenarios for the development of world prices for natural gas based on economic and mathematical modeling and the analysis of the historical trend of extraction, consumption, export and import of natural gas.The main research method is correlation-regression analysis which allowed establishing how strong the correlation of world prices for natural gas and world oil prices is. Also, the methods of historical trend and mathematical analysis were used to determine the main forecast scenarios for price levels of natural gas.The study represents a new approach to the analysis of the dynamics of world prices for natural gas based on economic and mathematical modeling.The article examines the dynamics of the global natural gas market and analyzes trends in price changes, as well as establishes the relationship between global prices for natural gas and the world oil market for making forecasts of the cost of natural gas.

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