Operational Management of Enterprise Structures in the Sphere of Education and Science: Problems and Methods for their Solution

Alexander A. Galushkin
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XX, Issue 4B, 412-420, 2017
EOI: 10.11214/thalassinos.20.07.030


In the present article the author examines the practices and problems of information and communication technologies (including the Internet) to improve the organization and management of educational institutions of higher education and research institutions in the Russian Federation at the present stage of information-communication technologies implementation for optimization of scientific, educational and administrative processes. During the study, the author examines the functionality of various software and hardware complexes of Russian and foreign production. Attention is paid to software products from Microsoft and of Sun, however, without neglecting products, developed by the Russian software companies. During the study, the author draws attention to the specific features of the structure of the major educational institutions of higher education and scientific organizations in the Russian Federation. It is noted, that in view of significant geographical remoteness (and not only in one subject of the Russian Federation, but also a variety of subjects of Russian Federation, which are often located in different federal districts) of different structural units of the introduction of information and communication technologies can not only speed up the process, but also significantly save costs and increase control. In the conclusion the author presents five scientifically proven points.

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